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Among the great occultists of the late 19th and early 20th century was the figure of Oswald Wirth (1860-1943.) Healer, hermeticist, astrologer, he was, also, the author of the '22 Arcana of the Cabbalistic Tarot,' within which he wanted to unite all of the esoteric traditions of the world. This new version, made in accordance with Wirth's instructions on the 22 Arcana but with the addition of 56 illustrated Minor Arcana, completes the work that he began.
The Hermit - Universal Wirth Tarot by Giordano Berti & Stefano Palumbo. This card symbolizes one of the stages of the Fool's Journey towards self-discovery.
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AUTHOR Giordano Berti
FILENAME Universal Wirth Tarot.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 20 Nov 2007

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Among the great occultists of the 1900's emerges, immense, the figure of Oswald Wirth. Healer, hermeticist, astrologer, he was also the author of the "22 Arcana of the Cabbalistic Tarot", within which he wanted to unite all of the esoteric traditions of the world.

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The Universal Wirth Tarot by Lo Scarabeo is that deck. The majors are good, pretty standard fare for a modern tarot, all the proper symbols in their proper places. What really makes this deck shine, however, are the pip cards - a new addition to a traditionally majors-only deck.


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